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All India Police Mitra Trust

An initiative to help and support police.

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Let come together and show this world the better and actual side of our police and develop healthy relations between public and police.

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Police Mitra Trust

Police Mitra Trust was born in 2010. And to give it more strength, this organization was registered by Bihar government on 11/01/2023. The main objective of the organization is to bring down the wall of disbelief in the public towards the police in the form of faith. Along with this, the objectives of the organization are to share the knowledge of education to every poor, needy and retarded child, to make that child capable of never raising his hand in front of anyone for his rights, and in today’s world, the way little girls are treated Those small girls are being molested, by teaching them the qualities of self-defense, they can be made capable of taking care of their own self, and apart from this, there should be brotherhood with everyone and everyone should have respect for khaki. Because in times of trouble only a person in khaki uniform protects and keeps us safe.

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Praise the deserving, unbelievable policemen and our volunteers for helping the needy and have a glimpse of the heroes. Visit the gallery section and recognize the ones who are spending their lives for a beautiful cause.